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Quotables: Victoria Jackson Is Not A Bigot, Wants to Do Wife Swap

A photo of Victoria Jackson

“Man, that Glee gay kiss thing sure caused an uproar. The show is written so well, with such great characters, it’s a shame they have to sprinkle immorality all over it. Inside Edition asked me “Why Glee? Why now?” I said, “Why now? I have a column for the first time. And why Glee? I just watched it last night for the first time. Now Wife Swap calls! My agent thinks they’d swap me with a gay couple. That would be great because then I could show the world that I love gay people and I’m not the homophobic hate-monger the media are making me out to be. The other perk is that I could afford that Tacoma pick-up truck I want and pay off my credit card.”

Victoria Jackson puts to rest those pesky rumors that she’s a backwards bigot with crazy tendencies, and not a moment too soon.

You know how you let people know that you’re not homophobic?  You refer to a homosexual kiss as immoral.  I’m so glad that Victoria Jackson stopped making people laugh so she could focus on giving us such great pearls of wisdom.

On the flip side, how great would it be if Victoria showed up on Wife Swap?  Exactly how terrified would the other wife be upon reading Victoria’s manual?  And can you even imagine that little table talk at the end where everyone talks about what they’ve learned?  It would be the closest thing to entertainment that Victoria’s produced in years!

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  • Seriously? I agree, her comment about the Glee gay kiss was horrifying, but has anyone else READ the article that is taken from?

    She mentions that in passing – and it is no where NEAR as offensive as the rest of her article. The entire column is a rant about Muslims that is one of the most ignorant, appalling things I’ve ever read. Not to mention the accompanying video!

    I can’t believe you’ve talked about her article twice on this site and didn’t bother to mention what it’s really about.

    Acting outraged over one issue of bigotry doesn’t really do any justice if you completely ignore the other. There was enough backlash about the homophobia that she responded, but no one has called her out about her xenophobia, religious intolerance, slandering, and stereotyping?

    Here’s the article for those of you who’ve missed it

  • Bloody hell. Just read the article – thanks for posting. Ignorant rants are always good for a horrified laugh, hey? Do you reckon she actually gets paid to write that drivel?