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Lady Gaga Takes a Header Off a Piano

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Is there anything funnier than someone falling in public and trying to play it off like they meant to do it the entire time? Well, yes. When people fall in public and totally don’t expect it and are horrified and embarrassed that people saw them in such a non-graceful position – that’s much funnier. But this is still pretty good.

Lady Gaga, as you can see, decided to work her moves on top of a piano, slipped off, and slithered underneath. I’m really glad she’s OK and all, but damn. There’s a part of me that’s ALSO really glad for this clip, because it shows that I’m not the only one that falls flat on her ass during important events in her life.

Shake it off, girl.

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  • Is there not also a massive part of you taking your hat off to her for her composure?? Were it not for the arse-in-the-air bit, I’d swear it was staged, it was so composed.

  • play it again, but close your eyes. I SWEAR she is singing “Oh shit!….I’m fine” gets up, hobbles around “No, no I’m not”. go listen and tell me if I’m crazy…