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Happy 21st, Kristen Stewart!

A photo of Kristen Stewart

Man, Kristen Stewart turned 21 today, can you guys imagine? For my 21st, we went down to the Applebee’s at around 4:00 in the afternoon, and I was just sipping on a daiquiri, all classy, until my old prom date showed up stoned and started ordering me margaritas and drinks that were so strong that he had to order more margaritas that I could use as chasers.  Then we went to go see Night at the Museum 2 and I ran into a wall trying to make my way from the theatre to the bathroom.  But I bet Kristen’s birthday adventures will be way more hip than mine, you know?  Like if by midnight tonight she hasn’t been seen in some dive bar, chain smoking Parliaments and tossing back PBRs like a champ, then something is very wrong.

To celebrate this important occasion, I’ve compiled several photos of Kristen being awkward throughout the years.  Check it out – Kristen’s no doubt a pretty girl, but she can’t dress herself at all, and she’s definitely not one of those people who are always conscious of what her face is doing, right?  But that’s fine, that’s not important because she’s an actor, not a model, and she needs to focus on her acting.  Like really, she needs to nail that acting thing down real soon.

Love you, K Stew!  Have a PBR for me!