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So Was I the Only One Who Thought Ryan Gosling Wasn’t Going to Do ‘Mainstream’ Movies Anymore?

I mean, wasn’t that one of the reasons that he and Rachel McAdams split to begin with? Because he thought she was selling out, and he was trying to stay hip and cool in the indie film industry? I mean, fuck, you won’t hear me complain too much: you can only watch Lars and the Real Girl so many times before your soul cries for the caliber of movie like The Notebook again, so I understand, Ryan. Everybody needs a paycheck, and now you should get back together with Rachel McAdams so she doesn’t marry that goon-looking dude that molests her in public because he’s shocked and amazed that he can get such a hot chick. Now’s your chance, man, move on in!

Oh, and hell’s bells, doesn’t this movie look just SUPER?!

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  • Ryan is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I love the rest of the cast as well, so I’m sure I’ll watch it :)

  • Ryan is definitely doing mainstream movies again. I go to Miami University (Ohio) and he was shooting a movie here about a month ago alongside George Clooney. Its called Ides of March and is a political film where Clooney is running for President. I have tons of pictures of both of them at Miami if you want them!