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Caption This – The Contests Begin Today!

photo of topless charlie sheen on tour pictures photos naked

Alright, guys!

Today is the official beginning of the Evil Beet Caption This Contests. You’ve all done awesome things in the practice runs, and we’re looking forward to sending you some free crap if you score well on these, going forward.

Rules: For consideration, your caption must appear in the comments section by Sunday, April 9th at 11:59 PM ET. You can enter as many times as you like, but be warned: if your first caption sucks, your second, third, and fourth probably will, too. The week’s winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 12th, along with the next round of ‘Caption This’ glory. The same rules will apply for the subsequent weeks thereafter. When commenting/entering, be sure to use your real email address in the email field, so that I can contact you directly to get your mailing address in order to send your prize. Only one winner per week will receive a prize.

Last week’s winner on the Kate Gosselin photo:

Winner: D. Ugh
“Hey, I found a place to carry my career.”

1st Runner-Up: LegalEase
“Parenting skills, check…marriage, check…dignity, check…self respect, check…what the hell am I forgetting? Oh yea, where the f*ck are those kids???!!”

2nd Runner-Up: ZAMIRA
“Sure hope the garbage men don’t notice eight kids mixed in with the garbage…”

Alright, so let ‘er rip on the Charlie Sheen picture! And good luck!

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