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Want to Have Sex With Miley Cyrus? Now You Can!

photo of miley cyrus pictures sex doll photos

OK, well that’s a big of an exaggeration, but what I REALLY meant was ‘have sex with a girl that’s SUPPOSED to be Miley Cyrus, but is way hotter and doesn’t have the horrendous gawpy gums or that honking laugh, so I guess in reality is nothing LIKE Miley Cyrus.’  I guess just the name is enough for some people – the fine, fine folks at Pipedream have dreamed up ‘Finally Miley,’ a Miley-like sex doll that’s only really Miley-like if you count the token plaid shirt and the bad, odd-colored hair.

‘Miley’ has three ‘achey’ love holes to plug up, and the reality of this thing is that these dolls will probably sell like hoe-cakes.  I’m betting that all of the proceeds are going to go to a feeder fund for little Miss Miley, anyway, because you just know daddy’s probably behind this one, too.

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