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Adam Lambert is Way Embarrassing

photo of lady gaga and adam lambert pictures

So earlier this week, Lady Gaga had a big old birthday party for herself at an upscale LA club, and hoards of celebrities were in attendance, including Adam Lambert. I guess it’s no surprise that Adam and Gaga would get along notoriously, as their music is kind of similar and both Adam and Gaga idolize Elton John, so if worse came to worst, they could skip the party altogether and do killer renditions of ‘Rocket Man’ at some random burlesque-karaoke digs, right?

Well, not really: Adam was actually a plus-one of the Scissor Sisters, who were legitimately invited to the party, and according to sources inside and outside of the club, Adam was way embarrassing in his drunkenness, fist-pumping a la Jersey Shore to the music, accidentally punching a hole in the club’s ceiling, and later trying to smush birthday cake in Lady Gaga’s face. After all that business, Gaga had security remove Lambert from the premises.

OK, first of all, I absolutely abhor That Friend. The one who mucks everything up on a good night out because you either have to take care of their drunken, sloppy ass after they puke or get busted in the face by some stranger, and then? The rest of your night is shot in the ass. I guess I could see Adam Lambert being like that, but come on. Have a little more self-control and, by virtue, self-respect. No one thinks that being around that kind of shit is funny – or cute.

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  • Adam Lambert “finally” embarrassing? He was an embarrassment on American Idol. His over-the-top flaming was ridiculous to begin with. But, as the saying goes, there’s a lot of suckers born every minute. He’s just another limited talent attention seeker.

  • Wait….is this the same “lady” Gaga that was herself, ejected from the Yankees locker room after being drunk and fondling herself in front of players? Hahahaha!! Adam Lambert is a ROCK STAR and once in a while, they have been known to party hardy!
    The only thing “embarrassing” is being ejected by someone as trashy as Gaga, UGH! ROCK ON Lambert!!!
    (and to Chuck, eat shizz dude! Adam has MORE talent than Gaga or any other pop or rock start alive!)

  • Old news and it was already refuted – the source was Perez Hilton and it’s already come out that he lied about Adam getting kicked out. Perez wasn’t even there. Adam owned up to the fist-pumping hole-making incident.

    • Yep…he’s 6’1″, wears boots and the place has a low ceiling……..big story. Like Lady Gaga would kick ANYBODY out for ANYTHING………..ROFL

  • I am ignoring this and just thinking about how the scissor sisters are far more awesome than both lambert and gaga

  • Jake Shears WISHES he could sing like Lambert.They are friends (Jake and Adam) but make NO mistake….Lambert has a vocal gift that is very very rare….once every generation or two.Love or hate him, it doesn’t alter the facts.He will be iconic.
    And for those of you who don’t know, he has been very active in several philanthropic causes.One of them is charitywater which brings clean water (something WE take for granted) He asked his fans to donate instead of sending gifts to him and his goal, since it was his 29th B’Day was originally $29,000. That was raised in 5 hours.So he increased the goal to $290,000. Donations poured in from fans literally all over the world and to date, the amount raised is over $300,000. He broke charitywaters record.The website itself crashed over 4 times ON his birthday due to the hits and donations and charity water acknowledged and thanked Lambert’s fans.
    Maybe THAT is the kind of NEWS people should concentrate on, not idol gossip from people like Perez Hilton who make a living from being lying parasites.

  • EDIT: Charity Water brings clean water to third world countries…people who are dying without it.Thanks to Adam and his fans, over 15,000 people will now have something they’ve never had…a chance at life.

  • Your article is embarassing. Perez Hilton made the first story up based on a tweet from AL, he was not even there, and you make this one up based on….oh forget it.