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Lady Gaga Loves Rebecca Black

Ok, guys?  Are we done making fun of Rebecca Black yet?  Can we all just accept Lady Gaga’s words as gospel and welcome young Rebecca into our hearts as the genius that she is?

I’m joking, of course.  Wouldn’t it be so weird if I felt that way?

How are you guys feeling about this whole thing, now that we’ve had a good week or so to think it over?  Are you falling in line with people like Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell, or are you like me and absolutely dreading but kind of masochistically looking forward to tomorrow when all your lame Facebook friends post statuses like “Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on Friday!” and “FUN FUN FUN FUN”?

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  • she doesn’t “love” Rebecca Black. Someone in the audience explained who the girl was and what she had done and Lady Gaga said that because it sounded like a good idea and people shouldn’t pick on the young girl for it.

  • I think the whole thing is fun. And I look forward to seeing all of the “Fun fun fun” status’.