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Lindsay Lohan May Suck It Up and Go Back to The Slammer

Sources close to Lindsay Lohan say the actress is finally realizing that leaving her fate in the hands of a jury may not be the best idea, and is considering the three-month plea deal she was offered, knowing that she would probably only serve 19 days of that sentence.

When originally offered the plea deal, Lindsay turned up her nose at it saying that she wasn’t going to cop to anything she didn’t do and would go to trial if she had to. Of course you can only imagine what kind of sentence Lindsay would get if her case was turned over to 12 random California residents.

My advice? Take the deal, Lindsay. 19 more days in jail is nothing compared to the drawn out drama of a trail. You can spend those 19 days reading scripts and picking a project to work on when you’re out of there. If you’re subjected to what could be a trial that takes weeks or months or years, you’ll be dragging around this drama with you for another half of a decade. Move on from this and in the future, don’t take any more free gifts. Earn everything yourself like a normal human being, it’ll be good for ya.

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