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OK, Britney’s Officially Smoking Hot Again

picture of britney spears on the set of til the world ends music video photos

Britney Spears is back, and she’s looking totally awesome once more. Molls shit out a really great, really sentimental post about Britney last night and I have to admit: it honestly touched a chord within my cold, black, snarky soul. (I know, right?) Britney IS vulnerable, Britney IS probably still uncertain and nervous and not at all completely well, but you know what? If girlfriend keeps up at this nice, easy pace, she’ll be where she was in no time.

Above, Brit’s photographed in a candid, behind-the-scenes way while filming her new music video for ‘Til the World Ends.’ I completely loathe the song, and the video’s probably going to be super cheesy, too (did you expect the syrupy sweetness to last all day? Come the fuck on), but from this shot, you can tell that she’s getting happier and more comfortable as the days go by and THAT’S what really matters at the end of the day.

Doesn’t she look great?

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  • No, she doesn’t. She looks like she and her chemical of choice have been doing a bit of dancing. Maybe it’s the outfit, but I’m not seeing the super-sexy girl we used to know in this pic. Has your hotness filter gotten cloudy there Sarah?

  • I had to read the whole thing b/c I thought for sure I was going to find the line that indicated the whole thing was sarcasm. This is almost the worst I’ve seen her. And that’s especially bad for being made up for a video shoot.

  • The best i’v seen her look in a while, and i want to see what the above posters look like since they think they can call someone ugly. Show us what your mugs look like.