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Justin Bieber is Living in a Bad RomCom

I’m not sure how this is actual news and not a poorly written plot line in a D-grade romantic comedy or sitcom, but Justin Bieber’s Liverpool hotel room was reportedly crashed by two girls dressed in hotel maid costumes. As in, these girls are huge fans, couldn’t get into the hotel where he was staying, stole some uniforms from housekeeping and then walked right into his suite and pretended to clean while secretly taking photos in Justin’s bedroom. It wasn’t until a member of Justin’s entourage heard giggling coming from his room that they were caught. After a brief tongue lashing from both Bieber’s people and hotel reps, the girls were turned loose on the condition that they never come back.

Guys, was this not a plot from an episode of Saved by the Bell? Like, didn’t Kelly and Lisa dress up like maids and sneak into a musician’s hotel room once? Or was it a Full House episode? Either way, I cannot believe that that shit works in real life. Like, should these girls get a free ride to Harvard or something for having the brains and guts to pull this off?

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