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So Mel Gibson Won’t Be Going to Jail

A photo of Mel Gibson

Remember that time that Mel Gibson was a psychotic abusive asshole and his girlfriend recorded all those tapes to prove it? Yeah, he’s been in court for that, and surprise!  Mel got a deal – he’ll plead no contest to simple battery in court on Friday, and the court will be like “ok, just don’t do it again.”  Well, all right, he’ll have to go to counseling as well, but does that even count as a sentence for a crime?  I thought it fell more under the category of a painfully obvious necessity at this point. Apparently the plea deal was a tough decision for Mel because, according to TMZ, he “believed he could win the case — he struck the deal to protect his loved ones.”  Oh, right, because that’s what Mel Gibson’s all about, protecting his loved ones. Solid move, court.

Note to all the douchebags out there:  it’s totally cool to knock around your girl and scream and pant at her 24/7, trying to get her to blow you.  That’s absolutely fine, you won’t get in trouble at all.  As long as you do Braveheart first.