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Quotables: Is Britney Spears Delusional?

A photo of Britney Spears

“The bitch is back and better than ever!”

-Britney Spears lies to V Magazine.

We showed you her photo shoot for V earlier this morning, but I just want to make sure you guys understand what’s going on here.  I mean, I certainly admire Britney’s can-do attitude, but “better than ever,” really?  And I’m not even talking about her busted weave or her emotional issues, I’m just talking about the music.  Whenever “Hold It Against Me” comes on the radio, I don’t even hate it, I barely notice it until something in my subconscious is like “hey, when did we stop listening to music and what is this weak shit dribbling out of the speakers?”  And I have to say “no, subconscious, that’s just Britney nowadays.”  And I hate having to do that.

I’m not trying to come down on Britney, I’m just trying to say that this is not the “best album” she’s ever made, as she claims.  It just can’t be, not when Oops! … I Did It Again is in her repertoire.

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  • I think it is her best ever. Her old stuff was kind of eh…this stuff is brilliant, especially for dancing.