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Caption This: Andy Dick Catches His Beautiful Reflection In a Mirror Covered With Cocaine

Comedian Andy Dick is up to his same old extremely troubling behavior according to this photo of him snorting a hand mirror full of cocaine. The picture, obtained by RadarOnline, is accompanied by quotes from folks who’ve seen Andy out recently, and while part of me wants to laugh at what a mess this dude is, a bigger part of me just feels so sad for humans.

Andy, hand mirrors are for seeing what your own vagina looks like in the privacy of your bedroom, not drugs. Gosh!

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  • I SWEAR TO GOD. He did lines off a CD jewel case in his car, not off a hand mirror. Not only can Radar make this no more explicit, it’s in the fucking picture, even.

    I realize I am only a hobbyist reader of smut and that it’s all trash and lies and valueless anyway, but this is like the million-jillionth thing that I don’t need to fact-check because I already read it this morning and I am perpetually baffled by WHERE IN THE HELL DID THE HAND MIRROR COME FROM. Like, what? I can’t even. I’m sorry.