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Good Face Gone Bad: Joan Rivers’ Real Face, We Hardly Knew Ye

It seems like as soon as plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes became “a thing,” comedian Joan Rivers started doing it. It’s not like she’d been shy about it– no one laughs harder about the state of her face than Joan herself– but I don’t think those of us who were born after her rise to fame truly understand the extent of work she’s had done.

You’ll probably be shocked to see the ways Joan’s face morphs over the years as you click through the gallery below. The changes beg you to ask why someone would feel the need to change their personal appearance this much in the first place.

I love you, Joan! Please stop getting nose jobs and face lifts and unnecessary fillers injected!

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  • Joan, I think you look great! As long as you are happy, you keep on doing whatever you want!
    There are to many judgemental people in this world that need to look in the mirror and start focusing on themselves, instead of spending soo much time gosiping about others!
    With out a doubt, I believe, if most people had the money to spend on themselves, they would as well want to look their very best. Plastic surgeons are doing remarkable things now compared to just 20 years ago!
    Joan, Keep givin”em hell honey! YOU FU*#IN ROCK!