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Hey, Did You Hear That Christina Aguilera Got Arrested This Morning?

A photo of Christina Aguilera at the Grammy Awards

Total shocker, right?

See, what happened was that Christina and her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, were out for a leisurely drive at about 2:45 this morning.  The problem was that Matthew was driving, and he was hammered, which apparently is not ok, so police had to pull him over and arrest him.  And poor little Christina was just minding her own business, sitting in the passenger seat, and she got booked for public intoxication.  They said she was “unable to care for herself.”

Is that a normal thing, being arrested for public intoxication while riding in a car, or do you have to be super wasted and belligerent? Because let me tell you, I’ve never considered myself a criminal, and I would hate to start.

So what do you guys think, did we tell you so or what?  And please don’t respond with “leave Christina alone, she doesn’t have a problem,” because I think we can all agree at this point that that’s ridiculous.  And by “this point,” I mean the point where you get arrested for public intoxication inside a fucking car.

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  • Really? How fucking hammered do you have to be to be arrested just for sitting there? There has to be more to this. And, if this is possible, I have to seriously rethink my travel arrangements for a night out.

  • Awe. Poor blond Snookie! First she marries that ugly guy then she has that ugly baby then starts dating that other ugly guy and all this time she’s a lesbian! I’d be drinking a lot too.

  • I think that’s kinda messed up. She was in a car. I think that cop probably had it out for her. At least she didn’t get behind the wheel like her man did.

  • I agree with C. It sounds like the cop realised who she was and decided to make something of it. Unless she was naked, hanging upside down from the car roof and reciting Shakespeare – what does it matter if she’s p*ssed inside a car? Agreed – the guy driving is a d*ck but surely the cop could have let her ring “one of her people” to come get her?