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Abe From ‘Road Rules’ Got Arrested, Smeared His Jail Cell Walls With Feces

This is for all my fellow Real World/Road Rules die hards. Abram Boise AKA Abe from Road Rules: South Pacific was arrested in my home state of Massachusetts yesterday for public urination and that’s just where his long, bodily fluid filled adventure began.

From TMZ:

…law enforcement sources tell us he peed on the floor of the cell, was moved to a second one, and then he pooped in his hand and smeared it all over the wall of the second cell.

In case you give a crap, Abram is scheduled to be arraigned today.

Well, that’s some completely disturbing yet unsurprising news from one of the oddest and angriest Road Rules cast members of all time (and that’s saying something.) Abe has been showing shades of mental stability on the newer Real World/Road Rules Challenges, but this incident proves that he still hasn’t outgrown the bratty and entitled behavior that made his co-stars hate him so much.

Now I’m dying for more Real World/Road Rules updates. Where’s Veronica, that girl who stole Pua’s tank top? Can we track down Amaya or something? What about Melissa from New Orleans? I used to love her blog.

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