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Quotables: Joan Rivers Weighs In on Jennifer Aniston’s New Hair

A photo of Joan Rivers

“I would like to take Jennifer Aniston and put her hair over her fucking face! I’m so bored with her and her stupid movies. They’re all the same, I don’t know how they get financed.”

Too true, Joan.

So when I was planning out what to say for this little piece, I was all set to defend Jennifer.  I mean, it’s not like I love her weak new haircut or anything, but I typically like to cheer for the underdog.  But then I checked her IMDB page and the only thing she’s ever been in that I particularly care for was The Iron Giant, and I don’t think that really counts.   So better luck next time, Jennifer.

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  • The profound words of a woman , who has for so very long been (sort of) successful in dodging the aging bullet , ought to be seriously listened to.
    PS: *scratching head* where does all that old , ratty , surplus skin go??

  • right on joan! jennifer aniston is boring as hell, very average and ordinary looking and box office poison because she doesnt know how to play anything other than rachel in EVERY film! i believe hugh grant (i think it was him) said the same thing about jen a few months ago about how her movies are garbage and how dull she is. noone respects jennifer aniston-other celebs or just regular people. no wonder brad left her for a REAL actress and beauy like angelina jolie!

  • Oh,please.Comments like that from a woman whose whole purpose in life is to remove the years from her face..she’s going to criticize ANYONE ?
    As for Hugh Grant commenting negatively about Jen..doubt it..but even if he had….what puts him in a position to critique ANYONE?Jen takes care of herself,hasn’t had any illegitimate children,has a few good friends that she enjoys spending time with and seems to NOT make any enemies when making movies.They must be making SOME money or they wouldn’t keep hiring her.

  • Who does Joan Rivers think she is to put down anyone. She’s an old washed up wannabe that has no right to even open her stretched out mouth. She and her skanky daughter try to judge other people on their style when they have none of their own. Just STFU Joan “Up The” Rivers. You never were and never will be.

  • Joan Rivers always talks b.s. about everyone old plastic bag facelift …fashion police she needs to step back and take a look at what she wears sometimes..lmao=)

  • yeah she’s had toomuch work done, but joan is on the money !!! i think, we’re all kinda over the “rachel”, cos jen is rachel is jen is never gonna be able to act!! hardly a dramatic new look !! just another starting to act on delaying the signs of aging, but kinda lost the plot after splitting with brad pitt, she cant seem to be able to get anyone to be with her for all that long !!! so somethings not right with her. but joan, your right, but please stop all the surgery and age gracefully now !!!

  • Joan looks more plastic then a Barbie. You shouldn’t insult other people if you start melting when using a hair drier.

  • OMG how many years can a dead body be out od the ground before it starts smelling really bad because I think it’s been to long for Joan Rivers way to long like I think 1000 years to long OMG I can smell her way down here in Florida
    She Like a Cock roach she will never die even though we all wish she did or at least get some kind of fashion sense.
    She talks about fashion on E! how much did she pay them to have her on there I don’t think enough E! should think about that a little more when the contract is up.

  • Joan Rivers need to get a life and why are people talking about Jenn like that she still makin her money so what brad left she still got on with her life why are yall so concerned about what she doin seems like some of yall are just as bad as joan is… get with it or get lost

  • Joan is just trying to start some discussion about Jenn and help her be mentioned more times. It’s maybe arranged by studio. “Even bad publicity is good publicity.”

    Jenn is ok. Not a great artist, but we can’t expect all actors to be top ones. When you are bored you can watch some of her movies to relax and think of something else. Any of them, there’s no difference.

    And it is not her fault for looking like Lucky Luke in lower part of her face. (As a matter of fact, she doesn’t look ugly because of that.) It is the fault of those who give her wrong roles. At least every of those roles she plays honestly. The best she can.

    I will not change my mind. Jenn is ok.

    If she was your friend or relative you would wish her to succeed. What stops us to wish her the same if we don’t know her personally?

    The same goes for Joan.