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Surprise, Robert Pattinson Is A Hoarder!

A photo of Robert Pattinson

Except that news isn’t really surprising at all, is it?  It’s actually very easy to imagine Robert Pattinson saving all his greasy t-shirts, and I bet he even holds on to Kristen’s stupid flannel, because he’s a sentimental dude like that.

Let’s check out the specifics of Robert’s hoarding ways:

He told the Daily Record: “I’m a hoarder. I gave away all my furniture from [when I lived in] Baton Rouge, but with books and things I have storage spaces all over the world.

“It’s ridiculous. Clothes – I cannot give away clothes. I don’t know why. I wear the same thing every day and I just have piles and piles and piles of clothes and then every two years, I’ll go to the storage space and kind of see what I can give away.

“I give away like three things, search through everything and then pack it all back up and put it in the storage space.”

The thing is, I bet this guy could still get all kinds of ladies. Like, if his house was full of rotten food and animal skeletons and dirty adult diapers (in this scenario, much like one that was on the Hoarders show, his bathroom is so full of stuff he’s hoarded that he can’t get to the toilet, so he uses diapers), tons of girls would still be like “for sure, Edward Cullen, you can definitely still have access to my vagina.”  And I think that’s the saddest part of all.

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