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Love It or Leave It: Jennifer Aniston’s Cropped, Blonde Hair

picture of jennifer aniston at movie premiere photos

OK, I’m not going to mince any words here – I am NOT a fan of Jennifer Aniston. I don’t like her acting, I don’t like incessantly hearing every single detail about the things that have gone on in her personal life, and I don’t like her movies, either. She ruins everything for me. She even ruined Friends for me, guys – this is how deep, and how far back, this distaste for Jennifer Aniston runs.

Anyway, Aniston starred in that recent rom-com, whatever it was with Adam Sandler – they’re all really the same anyway, aren’t they? – and for one of its recent premieres, she sported much shorter, much blonder hair.

And?  I don’t like it – on her. Between that and the too-much-eyeliner and smoky eyeshadow combination, she looks OLD. I know she’s no spring chicken anymore, and she IS aging well, despite how it pains me to admit that, but the color and the eye makeup is ALL WRONG for her.

What do you guys think? Are there any of you out there who HONESTLY CARE about Jennifer OR her movies? Should we implement a site-wide ban on everything Jennifer Aniston, with the exception of maybe noting if she and Brad ever get back together, or if she, you know, has some kind of nervous breakdown that’s caused by too many years of trying to validate herself through the various men in her life?

Um, thoughts?

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  • so. boring.
    couldn’t care less about her.
    If I ever bothered to watch her in anything, I might find her annoying. the only interesting thing about her is that she used to be a fat greek girl.

  • LOVE that she changed her hair finally. I would have liked it darker, but whatever, at least its different. And I love Friends!

  • I completely agree (on the looks thing, otherwise I quite like her) She’s usually really pretty but on this photo she just looks old. And the way she’s standing there? I don’t know, is she trying to be hip or something?

  • Sarah, i don’t mean to hate but can we stop with all the “you guys” and unnecessary question marks? it’s distracting.

  • Why do you have to say the word “HATE”

    I have enjoyed your site, but not anymore…will never
    ever go to this site EVER again…as I do not want someone to
    really really hate another person…You must really be a super sorry person to hate someone so much….I am sorry for you

  • Nice roast. Nice bash. Nice shitfest.

    I think that we are all well aware of how much you HATE Jennifer Aniston. No need to REITERATE YET AGAIN every single aspect of why YOU hate her. Get over it. Shit fest ended. CONGRATULATIONS. YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN HER.

    I don’t think this hair suits her, but I’m not going to judge her acting career by her choice of hairstyles or wardrobe by it.

    So if you hate her so much, how about you just stop posting about her? Honestly, you only post a pathetic few times a day, so why not just choose by your personal taste? Why waste your time on someone you hate so much.

  • Oh, and just because YOU have a personal hate on Jenn. It doesn’t mean that she is in the same league as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Get over your HATEFEST. Honestly.

  • Ummm what’s with all the Sarah hate guys? I def didn’t see where she said she “hated” Aniston. Anyway, I vote for a site-wide ban on everything Aniston. Can’t stand her. She just comes off as really fake to me. Just play up your whorish ways like your bff Chelsea and stop trying to pass yourself off as the good girl! I have more respect for her is she just went ahead and played it like Samantha in SATC.

  • What’s will all the Sarah HATE and ALL CAPS guys? Really. I am all for an Aniston ban. She’s so fake to me. Go ahead and hook up with everyone just don’t try and come off as little Miss Goody Two-Shoes.

  • Soon as I saw the photo I thought “She’s been playing with the make up bag again”. Terrible make up… hair’s OK.

  • she’s crap and needs to get over herself, far too much bottox going on now, she’s past her NATURAL prime!!! c’mon, she plays the same person in everything she does, she cant act, and there are far more important things going on in the world to look at other than her in her own little world of she, herself and her.