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Aubrey O’Day Debuts a New Figure at Fashion Week

Aubrey O’Day walked the runway for Indashio during New York Fashion Week, but her slightly plump frame grabbed more looks than the tight black frock she was wearing.

Aubrey has always been rail thin, and while I really like the way she’s carrying her new curves (she looks so happy and healthy, right?), I barely recognized her.

What do you think of Aubrey’s new shape? Is this a result of laziness or some much-needed carb loading? Let me know what you think in the comments and by voting in the poll.

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  • Aubrey O’Day hasn’t been thin (rail or otherwise) since her first season of making the band. Even in the picture you linked of her, while definitely not fat, she was definitely curvy. She’s gained quite a bit of weight, which as long as she’s happy with it, more power to her. I feel like this weight gain has more to do with the fact her career is going nowhere than with anything else.

  • She looks like a whale. This is what happens when Diddy kicks you out of a crappy band and your “solo career” is a shit show

  • Well considering she’s a NGR Lover, shes fine gaining weight. They’ll say “She thick boy” “She Thick” like they say about Kim Fartashian….

    “Thick” to Black people = Hot
    “Thick” to White people = Gross, the blacks can have her Fat ass

  • Holy sh*t you have some racist/crazy depressed-so-I’m-taking-it-out-on-other-people commenters. I think she looks incredibly happy. But that dress isn’t really doing her new body justice. A 50s style strap around her neck would have done wonders to straighten up her posture.

    And since when did NGR become an acceptable way to say a racist slur??? WHY DIDN’T I GET THE MEMO???

    • @smartiepops totally agree, i really hope that was a troll, and not someone who truly thinks that way.

  • @ DA, you sound like a bitter white guy whos girlfriend left him for some black d**k! LOL white women are the biggest plastic surgery hounds because they are not born with hips, asses, boobs, ect most white women pre-plastic surgery have the bodies of 12 year old little boys. and what (non gay) man DOESNT want a woman with curves? thats nuts!

  • she looks good, few women can carry of full on sexy curves and being rail thin, seriously, you wanna hugs a rail, or you wanna hug a person and be hugged back?? curves are sexy, slim n toned is sexy, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it doesnt really matter what we think, but in this world, we’re all far to quick to judge just because somebody is a little heavier !!!

  • On her show she kinda looked bad, but she looks good in this. I think she’s carrying it well. Unlike Christina Aguilera.

  • She is one self centered immature person. Little cry baby couldn’t take the heat in the Apprentice. Made her cry, boo hoo. And her, rather Arsenio’s team won. What would she have done if she was fired? Good riddens, don’t let the door slam you in the butt as you exit with your sorry bruised ego. Oh, take Lisa Lampenella with you!

  • I thought she was a porn star when I googled her, I am not kidding, because I never heard of her before celebrity apprentice and I saw some really trashy pics of her on the internet. She is so insulting and rude. Did you see the week before when she raised the least money? First time she was quiet and subdued, but all season she is quick to throw everyone under the bus……except when she didn’t do well. Can dish it out but can’t take it. How’d it feel Aubrey to get some of that hate back at ya? Learn anything miss know it all?