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Charlie Sheen Says He’s Fine, The Flakey ‘Two and a Half Men’ Crew is The Real Problem

A froggy-voiced Charlie Sheen called into “The Dan Patrick Show” this morning to clear up some rumors, mainly the one that his inability to work has caused Two and a Half Men to halt production. Charlie said that contrary to popular belief, he’s not the problem. It’s the lazy crew’s fault, naturally.

Charlie explained that when CBS executives told him to clean up and get back to work, he did, but when he arrived at the studio to start filming, no one was there. Literally not one person. He said he banged on the door of the studio, but there was no response.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that Charlie showed up on the lot at 4 AM after an all-night rager and didn’t bother to notify anyone of his supposed ability to work. I highly doubt that TV production is as casual as the lead actor turning up on set when he wants to film.

God, I’m going to miss this guy when his heart finally explodes.

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