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Plastic Surgery’s Done Wonders For Ashlee Simpson

Most of the plastic surgery galleries we do focus on the stars that have completely destroyed their face after a series of ill-advised surgeries, but today we focus on the newly single Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

When we first met Ashlee, she was the plucky younger sister of Jessica Simpson, one of the most naturally pretty and curvaceous ladies out there. But after Ashlee broke free of her sister’s shadow and had a moment in the spotlight for herself, she decided to get a nose job and then later, a chin job. Although she’s never really spoken publicly about either of these surgeries, there’s no denying that she’s had them.

Check out Ashlee’s transformation over the past 10 years in our gallery below and make sure to let us know which version of Ashlee is your favorite in the comments.

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  • I think she was one of the few unnatural redheads who could pull off red hair!
    But I think was my favorite Ashlee was when she was young, had black hair, and had her own reality show. I think that was when she was dating or about to date Ryan Cebrera.

  • Hands down that nose/chin job was the best thing Ashlee could have done. I’ve always thought her sister Jessica could use a little rhino on her nose, shave off that bump and she’d be devastatingly beautiful.

  • I’m worried about you, ebd. I think your vitriol is directed towards yourself and you better be careful! That shit’ll lift lead based paint. Did your sanitarium doctors fuck up and allow you to roam free and grab somebody’s laptop? Or did you go all Lecter on them?

  • And Asslee Simpson’s talent is what? Being related to Jessica Simpson, who has actually done something previously in her life? Marrying a minor band celebrity? If she’s the new definition of a celebrity worth writing about, we’re all losers.

    • Not that she is a celebrity worth writing about, but she has done some stuff besides just being related to Jessica Simpson.

      -She had 1 or 2 albums that didn’t sell well
      -She had her own reality show
      -and she was on 7th Heaven for awhile.

      … that’s about all I remember.

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