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The Intimacy Experiment Day One: Would You Want to Bang in a Mess?

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As I said in a previous post, K-Y Brand has created the premise for an intimacy experiment and I’M DOING IT, GUYS. The whole shebang is basically a 10-day relationship-tweaker test that features ideas for couples to better their relationships through heightened intimacy, involving K-Y product, sex tips, and ideas to spice up your relationship. It’s all good stuff here, all the time, and as you guys know, I’m no one to shy away from sharing way too much information, as some of you lament, and as some of you love. You can follow my journey here, on K-Y Brand’s Facebook page, Couples Place, and through Trista and Ryan’s (of The Bachelorette fame) Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Anyway, day one of the experiment focuses on turning the bedroom into sanctuary of love, guys. A SANCTUARY OF LOVE. I don’t know about you, but as a parent to a three-year-old, my room hasn’t been much more than a six-hours-of-sleep pit stop between days that seem to run together anyhow, but OK. ‘Sanctuary of love’ it is.  Good thing?  The experiment encouraged me to make my room all pretty and cozy and comfy, and allowed sex vibes to just flutter throughout like candy-coated zephyrs in a variety of iridescent colors, and that was a big accomplishment.  I’m feeling sexual already (not that it, you know, takes a whole lot).

As most of you might know, I’ve been in the wicked throes of moving for the past few weeks, and though this past week was the final week of insanity, things aren’t exactly yet where they’re supposed to be. However, I did make the honest effort to head out, buy some (um, more) candles, sheet sprays, room sprays, diffusers, atomizers, and a brand-spanking-new set of Egyptian cotton, 600 thread-count sheets in a dusty taupe, and with all that, I feng shui-ed the crap out of my newest bedroom and I DID A GOOD JOB.

The room is now warm, inviting, and above all, sexified. I mean, it wasn’t too cluttered to begin with, ’cause I’m a neat freak of epic proportions (crazy, right?), but now it’s literally a haven for sensuality. Honest.

Now. Whether or not I’m going to utilize the newfound appeal of my bedroom for its intended purposes tonight will remain to be seen, but in either case … it’s sure to be an inviting prospect, that’s for certain.

Stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to enter for yourself – rules and regulations (OK, there’s actually only one – you have to have a blog of your own and blog about it every day for ten days) to enter are here, but do it. Really. I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy yourself.

I wrote this posting while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y® Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review. In addition, K-Y® Brand sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  • My “Sanctuary of Love” isn’t even occupied by me right now! My husband has his other lover, video game controller, on the bed and I’m sleeping on the couch with the baby. I would love to make it a place where we can go and have private time again.

  • Maybe Danish interior design is completely different from American interior design (which my acquaintance with several American real estate programs would suggest) or maybe I’m simply in-experienced in the art of home decor (which my flat would suggest), but I’ve got to ask ……. what in the name of [insert appropriate deity here] is that thing on the wall shaped and coloured like a poorly made milk chocolate bar … what’s its use? Why?
    … I’m genuinely curious!

      • Aah – thanks for enlightening me! Now that would make sense.. I’m sorry about the chocolate cravings, the headboard got to me too – luckily I have a chocolate bar stash nearby in case of emergency! :)