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X-Tina’s Awkward Living Situation

Christina Aguilera and her soon-to-be-ex-hubby Jordan Bratman are still living together as they’re trying to sort out the details of their divorce and co-raise their son Max. Jordan says he wont leave their pad until he finds a comfortable place to live. If that situation wasn’t sticky enough, Christina’s new man, Matthew Rutler, has moved in with the two of them.

A source close to Christina describes the situation as “awkward.”

With mom and dad and mom’s boyfriend all living under one roof, could this arrangement possibly be healthy for little Max? Maybe. Many studies show that most kids don’t really give a shit about the environment they grew up in so long as there are caring adults around. Then again, it seems like it would be confusing to see your once monogamous parents welcome a strange man into their home who currently happens to be porking mom. That’s a lot for one little kid to take in.

Here’s hoping Jordy does the right thing and finds his own place before Max is old enough to understand the full extent of what’s going on.

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  • Let’s be realistic here. Isn’t her house probably a gazillion square feet? I bet it’s quite easy to have little to no interaction with other people living in the same quarters. Not saying it’s not awkward, but still..

    • that makes sense, at first when I read it I pictured a small cramped NYC apartment but yeah this chick is loaded, her ex probably lives on the other side of the house

  • her contour makes her look like she got punched in the face. that little getup can also be seen in her “I’m not the same girl” video too. well chosen, stylist!

  • if he moves out of the house the courts will deem him to have abandoned his son and that will hurt him drastically in the custody proceedings. plus, if she’s the one that decided she wants a divorce, shouldn’t she move out of the house?

  • if she was a responsable parent she woudlnt let her new bf move in. she should’ve waited until everything was settle. poor kid ,this type of shit really marks a child , believe me

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