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Love It or Leave It: Audrina Patridge for Bongo

photo of audrina patridge in a bikini for bongo pictures

OK so today’s a pretty slow news day, unless you want to talk about Lindsay Lohan’s jewel-heisting ways or how dead Charlie Sheen is going to be by this time next year, all I’ve got is Audrina ‘Your Mom is More Entertaining‘ Patridge and her big old boobs, which scored her a spokespersonship for Bongo.

All there is to it is boobs, boobs, boobs. And what better a thing to look at on a slow, cold-probably-regardless-of-where-you-are Thursday?

Oh, and Audrina herself – hot or not? And Bongo, I mean hell … I was good friends with Bongo back in 7th grade. Is Bongo, like, actually cool anymore?

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  • I haven`t seen Bongo on anyone since 7th grade.I guess that`s all they could afford for their campaign..15 minutes too late washed out boobs :)

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