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Win an Oscar and Watch Your Marriage Fall Apart, Ladies

Scientists from the University of Toronto have done their research and found that out of the 265 women to be nominated for the Best Actress Oscar, 159 of them wound up getting divorced after. And the winners? They’re 1.68 times more likely to get divorced than a nominee who didn’t win.

Think about it: We’ve seen Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank and Sandra Bullock all get divorced not long after winning their grand prize, that can’t be a total coincidence, can it?

According to these scientists, it’s probably not. Tiziana Casciaro, one of the scientists who conducted the study, explained, “Winning an Oscar can be construed as a big jump in professional status that an actor or actress has in their world and in the eyes of the broader audience. … You are never the same after you’ve secured an Oscar for Best actor or Best Actress. The general social norm kind of requires a man to have higher professional and economic status over the wife. So whenever that social norm is violated, both husband and wife may feel discomfort—could be either one of them.”

So basically, if you win an Oscar, your husband’s going to know once and for all that you actually are way more talented and successful than he is, and once he knows that, he’ll leave your ass high and dry. Nice. Real nice.

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  • Or maybe the divorce rate of 60% for these Oscar nominated actresses is right on par for the divorce rate for Hollywood.

    Seems kind of low if you think about it.

    …kinda of making this a non-story.