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Quotables: Jennifer Aniston Called Perez Hilton Out

“I ran into Perez Hilton in a garage. One of those moments you just never expect to happen. I had finished dinner with a girlfriend and we were driving out and I saw this tall, long, lean person and I say, ‘Who is that?’ And she says, ‘I think that’s Perez Hilton.’ I said, ‘No, I have to say something to him. I have to.’ I pulled up and we were sort of scoping each other out as I was pulling the car up. I just rolled down the window and I was like, ‘Hi.’ And he went, ‘Hi.’ We stood there like two deer in headlights and I just said, ‘Come here. Just talk to me for a second.’ It was one of those great moments. It was a lovely meeting and I was just like, ‘Why are you so mean?’ There’s something really great about putting a human being in front of another human being and then the reality that those words, even if it’s for humor or effect or whatever, there’s a human being behind all of that… And he’s kept it up too which is good.”

– Jennifer Aniston explains on Ellen how she got Perez Hilton to ease up on her/everyone.

Can you believe that sweet little Jenny Aniston was the one who finally got Perez to realize he was a bully and to quit being so mean all the time?

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    • I’m thinking that kissing that is like sucking on a filter from a smoking room at the airport.

  • Does Perez even write his blog anymore? I heard that he hasn’t for several years. I think he had to admit that during the Sam Ronson lawsuit trial.

  • No, I don’t believe it. What a narcissist, claiming credit for that. Didn’t some other celeb make a bet with him about being nicer?
    Can’t remember who.

  • he eased up because 1. he’s one of them now and can’t alienate all his new celeb buddies and 2. he doesn’t even write most of his posts anymore.

  • I’ve been an avid blog reader for years. I started with Perez in 2003. I adore him, I think he is totally amazing. I read two sites only, his and yours. I think I found yours from an ad on his page. Anyhow, I haven’t noticed any changes in his website, as far as him being ‘nice’. Either way, if I were a movie star, I’d probably do the same thing Jennifer did, he does say some fucked up shit about her. I think it’s all in good humor, it makes me laugh anyways. Pretty sure all blog sites say fucked up shit about stars, Perez just actually meets them all so they have more of a chance to ask him WTF… He’s cool tho.