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Caption This: Cyndi Lauper’s Post-Spa Look

A photo of Cyndi Lauper

I know that girls just want to have fun, but we don’t always get what we want, now do we?

Right, but poor Cyndi recently “had a bad reaction to a spa treatment,” and this is what happened.  Can we talk about this for a hot minute?  Because I’ve never been to a spa (you might be surprised to know that spas aren’t that plentiful in the Appalachian region), but I would think the above look would be something you’d be more likely to see after a bad reaction to a fire or a bad reaction to being dropped headfirst into a vat of acid.  I mean, I know that some people get chemical peels and all that nonsense, but Cyndi looks like she’s about two steps away from being Skeletor, and I can’t imagine that’s listed in any spa treatment anywhere.

Can we use the comment section to talk about what would make a face look like this, why someone would want to do anything that left her face looking like this, and perhaps Skeletor?

Photo via The Daily Mail

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  • Actually, I have a reaction similar to this whenever I use Clinique products. It’s pretty aweful.

  • Skin is pretty hard to deal with. I get unexpected allergic reactions of unknown causes and random parts of my body swell up. Last time, my whole face swelled up and I could barely open my eyes. So yeah, I believe it was a bad reaction.

  • I feel bad for the way her skin turned out but…

    Anyone else feel that her and Donald Trump may have been seperated at birth, vis a vis the hair?

  • I’ve only been to the spa about 5 times for facial treatments and always end up looking worse than when I leave it alone. I don’t mess with it anymore.
    It’s not necessarily an allergic reaction, but kind of like my face just saying no to all the activity and new products.
    I think the less we do, the better. Just keep it clean and do a little make-up.

  • I work at a spa… I think this could be a an allergic reaction to a product or probably a really strong chemical peel. I’ve never seen something this severe.

    @cosmicdenmother- clinique is one of the worst things you can put on your skin, I’m not surprised you get a reaction from it.

  • I have very sensitive skin, and I avoided facials because I’d have bad break-outs after getting one. Several years ago I started exclusively using Aveda products on my face, and getting facials at an Aveda salon every 6 -8 weeks, and my skin has never been better. I really think what products you use, and how educated your aesthetician is, makes all the difference.

  • It looks like she had a laser resurfacing done and her skin is at the peeling and sloughing away stage. The skin stays red for a several weeks.

  • “Show me no saaaad eyes,
    Don’t be discouraged when you realize
    You look like a zombie!”

    Just kidding Cyndi, you’re still beautiful to us your fans!