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So Apparently Charlie Sheen Isn’t in Rehab

photo of charlie sheen in hospital pictures

And close sources say that he won’t be going, either.

As studio and network execs for Two and a Half Men heave a giant sigh of relief, fans of Charlie shake their heads in disbelief – that a man with such talent* could be left to rot in his own alcoholism and drug addiction.

Sheen, who suffered a trip to a hospital after a two-day pornstar-and-coke binge, was driven home by the very neighbor who called an ambulance to transport the star to the hospital, and sources say that there are currently no plans in place for Charlie to visit any kind of facility for any sort of treatment – inpatient or outpatient.  Our old boy, Charlie, has once again laughed his insanity off.

Frankly, if this doesn’t have ‘bad fucking idea’ written all over it in permanent, blunt-tipped black marker, I don’t know what does. My prediction? This behavior keeps up, we’re going to have a dead Charlie Sheen on our hands within the year. They can change the name of the show to One and a Half Men and One Gristly, Dried-Up Dead Dude and you know what? It’ll probably get the same old ratings that it has for the past few years, so … loss? I guess we’ll see.

*Subjective hypothesizing

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  • Charlie, I’m begging you. Put down the little gold spoon and the pussy forever! I love you too much to see you go to an early grave!! What’s that? Ok, you can keep the pussy but the coke HAS GOT TO GO.