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16 and Pregnant‘s Farrah Abraham is Living the High Life You Guys

photo of farrah abraham 16 and pregnant motorcycle calendar pictures

Farrah Abraham, teenage mother on 16 and Pregnant, has got this whole fame thing on lockdown. Not only is she a key player on the reality show, but she’s exploited her ‘unfortunate’ circumstance of being a young mother so much that others have decided to capitalize on her ill-deserved fame.

Above is the cover photo for the American Motorcycles calendar, and if you’re that interested in that kind of thing, you can buy it at JAD Photos. I’m sure it’s well worth the $19.99 in that it features Abraham and probably a whole slew of other women who are willing to expose as much thigh and asscrack to get away from their unwanted children, too.

Moral of the story? Apparently this is the example we’re setting today for kids – practice unsafe sex in school instead of paying attention to shit you should be learning, get knocked up, fight viciously with your baby daddy in public, get sent to jail a few times, leave your kids to your parents’ care, and model for a chintzy hot-chicks-on-motorcycles calender that’ll inevitably end up on your blue-collar dad’s auto body shop wall ALL WHILE sucking the ever-loving life out of everyone and everything around you, ’cause girl? IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.

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