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Lady Gaga Asked That Her Perfume Smell Like “Blood and Semen”

Just when she couldn’t get anymore obvious, Lady Gaga has reportedly asked the perfumer creating her signature scent to recreate the smell of blood and semen. Because if anyone loves smelling like a bloody cum dumpster, it’s the 14-year old girls and gay men who worship her.

This is, of course, just the latest totally brilliant but generally off-putting move on Lady Gaga’s part. Retarded headgear, public disturbances, a possible dick, and clothing made of pricey cuts of meat… She knows how to keep us talking loud enough to drown out the sound of her shitty music, alright.

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  • While this bitch is way off the reservation, she definitely knows how to keep herself in the press. So, for the I get the crazy shit she does. Still, it’s a shame she can’t wear that meat costume from the article you mention around a pack of pit bulls.

  • Oh Stephanie, just shut up. I know you can’t live without attention, but really? Blood and semen scented “perfume?” Ridiculous and so very unattractive. If I was going to be anywhere near you I’d bring an extra bottle of Light Blue and dump it all over your stupid head. Christ.

  • I think it has potential. I sort of want to get it, spray it on a bunch of toilet paper, place it all over a friends bed, leave and wait for the “did you just have period sex on my bed??!”-drama to unfold between friend and friend’s roomie. I’m all mature and grown up like that.

  • She might as well just gob into every bottle and hit the body-fluids trinity.

    On a totally separate note – any idea what the bottle will look like? If it’s going to smell like semen and be by Gaga, logic says it will look like a glass dick.

  • To be fair, Jacques Guerlain famously wanted to create a scent that “smelled like the three holes of his mistress’ underside” when he developed what is know as “Guerlainade”, the scent base for Shalimar, Mitsouko, Jicky, L’Heur Bleue and Vol de Nuit along with pretty much every other Guerlain scent so the whole bodily fluids thing isn’t unusual or unappealing. Even Chanel No 5 has major notes of civet, or more specifically the product of the civet’s perineal musk gland.

    So an inspiration of sperm and blood? Not even remotely unusual or disgusting. In fact, it’s pretty much already been done in Libre d’Orange’s “Secretions Magnifiques” (which is horrifying, but a masterpiece)

    They say that Rad Hourani is designing the perfume, which may be true but he’s certainly not creating it, since he’s not a perfumer. I’d be interested in knowing who the actual nose is charged with composing it.

    • Umm Miss Plumcake I like you! You seem like you might be perfume’ier yourself! I love the fact you know designers,perfumes,and a great talent for wording the works and designs of the best! You would be Fab, at writing articals in Vogue,Harpers Bizzare,and High end cosmetic n skin care.

    • Miss Plumcake,Im taken back by your comments you have made.Your articulate and have wonderful taste in fashion and the classic beautys! I have a major girl crush! L.O.L. Im a totl fashion freak! I love beauty,cosmetics,shoes,clothes,haute cotoure,ect….Basically beauytifying,amplifying,and look fab! E-mail

  • Bloody Cum????? Wow, if this is what she’s used to smelling, she and that infected boy toy of hers should REALLY be getting on some serious antibiotics….LOL I dare say that she’s trying to get as far out there as she can for the publicity. I’d like to say that it will eventually get annoying, people will get burned out by it, she’ll eventually get to a point where she can’t possibly top her last stunt and then finally she’ll become a has-been. Then I think about the person she SERIOUSLY reminds me of. It’s a performer a ‘few’ of you ‘may have’ heard of. Anyone here ever hear of a performer who calls herself “Madonna”? LOLOL I’m sorry but she really reminds me A LOT of Madonna. She started out doing things similar to this. She didn’t do things quite like Lady GaGa’s doing but back in the 80′s wearing a pointy bra onstage and flaunting sex was considered wild. If today, a performer were to do the types of things Madonna did in the 80′s, they wouldn’t even cause people to raise an eyebrow. Lady GaGa is trying to keep people interested. I wonder if she realizes that she’s actually a very beautiful and talented singer and that she could actually succeed on that alone and that she doesn’t need these stunts.

  • OMG, I just had a fuckin’ BRILLIANT idea…………SEMEN and SHIT!!!!! That would make a hell of a cologne for gay men! OH HELL YEA, I’m gonna make millions!!! OH SHIT, I got another one…….cow shit and cow vagina!!!!! A REDNECK COLOGNE!!!!!! Man oh man, I’m just an inventive fool today…..LMFAO!! That last one can be made with a few variations. Cow shit and bull cum for the gay rednecks. You could also do variations by geographical areas. Camel shit and Camel vagina for the Muslim Bedouins. Donkey shit and donkey vagina for your Mexican beastiality freaks. Yup, I’m on a roll now. I’m gonna make gazillions of dollars…LOL. Ooh ooh ooh, I got ANOTHER one. I’ll collect farts in a bag and sell it as air freshener for hoarders. Again, this is another product that has variations. You can use many of the same animals as I mentioned above, collect their farts and use them as air fresheners or even better, as a musk scent type of aphrodisiac…..LOL!! YEEEE HAWWWW, I’M IN THE MONEY!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!

    Oh shit. I’m sorry. I was on a roll. Once I get started with my warped sense of humor, I just can’t stop….lol. Seriously though, if she sells even one drop of that crap I believe the world has SERIOUSLY gone to hell in a handbag.

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