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The Saddest Things Are Happening With Tiffany and Debbie Gibson

I am beside myself after watching the above video. It’s a preview of a fight scene from a SyFy original movie that airs this Saturday at 9 PM and it stars Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. Yes. That Debbie AKA Deborah Gibson and that Tiffany.

Look, we know what happened here. We know some SyFy execs and Tiff and Deb’s managers got the two of them in a room and got them all jazzed about the idea of being back in the spotlight. They pitched the project to them as something campy and fun with a cult fanbase. The picture they painted for them was not what we’re seeing in the preview video or what we’re probably going to see on Saturday night.

Oh, yes. Who cares if I feel like my organs are bleeding after watching that video? This shit is not to be missed. Not. To. Be. Missed.

(…and take a gander at these pics from the movie’s premiere party. Tiffany, you mad, girl?)

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  • not exactly. they both starred in their own action/thriller movies independently that showed at cannes at the same time a few years ago. (Perhaps you’ve heard of megashark versus giant octopus?) A joint feature was the obvious next step.

  • I second that above comment. I swear I’ve seen them both in other SciFi movies (when you’re snowed in crazy Scifi is the best cure). So the fact that the two are together isn’t a huge leap.

  • ebd, you’re disgusting. These two you want to watch? Your standards are lowwwwwwww, buddy. Or is it that you’re just looking forward to seeing a pair of Crosby sweaters, lol!