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Chelsea Handler Blows Through Another Man

When we first met Chelsea Handler, she was dating the president of E! (didn’t know that? How else do you think she got her show?) Things ended between them and she was single for a minute, and then rumors of her dating rapper 50 Cent started popping up. That was unexpected, but kind of made some odd sense. Now the reports coming out of Sundance are saying that Chelsea was seen all over New York hotel and restaurant guru Andre Balazs.

Andre and Chelsea were seen making out at a Florence and the Machine show, as well as a couple of other parties. The two are reportedly heading back to Los Angeles together today.

Eh, I’m on Team 50. This Andre dude seems real sophisticated and baller-like, but Chelsea seems a little too wild for him. I felt like 50 could give her the loving that she needs while not giving a fuck what she says on her TV show or in the press. That seems like the ideal man for a lady like her.

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