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Um, What?! Some Harry Potter Actress’ Brother Was Jailed For Beating Her?

You’ll have to excuse me if you’ve heard of this story before, but WHAT?! I read the news all day every day and I haven’t heard anything about this situation with Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad.

Check out the item from

Ashraf Azad, the 28-year-old brother of 22-year-old Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad, has checked into jail for six months for assaulting his sister last May, according to Reuters. In December, Ashraf pleaded guilty to charges of assault, stemming from the incident at their home in Longsight Manchester, where he attacked Afshan for dating a non-Muslim. Afshan — who played Padma Patil in the films — had requested that the court not send Ashraf to jail. “The persistent attack was accompanied by serious and very hurtful abuse and threats,” Judge Roger Thomas said during the sentencing. “The background to this offense lies in the concern that you, and perhaps other family members, had about Afshan’s relationship with a young man who was not of the Islamic faith.”

Young Star + Harry Potter + Domestic Violence + Religious Beef = Everything you’d normally need to have a story be front-page news. How this has seemed to slip through the cracks is absolutely crazy to me. Hell, pick two of any of the four issues above and that will typically get the job done.

Finally, while I find it somewhat admirable that Afshan tried to keep her brother out of jail, thank God she didn’t succeed. This guy sounds like he needs to be locked up. Caaa=raaayyy-zaaayyy.

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  • Let’s see….her father has a problem with her dating a non-muslim, but no problem with her starring in a movie about witches and wizards? And playing the part of a witch to boot? I think he has his religious priorities mixed up. Or else money talks.

  • It was on the front pages in the UK – only for a day, though. They really skirted around the specifics of the abuse, though, and the implication was that she didn’t want him prosecuted because it would just make things worse for herself in the long run.

  • you probably missed it cos it happened in the UK and she wasn’t one of the main potter actors. i’m sure if emma watson gets smacked about at brown you’ll hear about it.

  • The reason you didn’t hear the story like a month ago when it came out was because the left wing media won’t talk about muslims in a bad light. It was on Fox News more than once a month ago.

  • Um ok… all the left medias fault. What the hell is a matter with you, you stupid idiot??? We didn’t hear about it because it took place in England. Ugh why does it alway have to be about the left and the right. Personally I think you’re stupid for saying something so retarded. Now go watch some more FOX news, idiot.

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