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Man Whips His Nephew With a Belt For Acting ‘Gangster’ on Facebook

Well, this video is kind of a must-watch…

From what I can tell, this teenager posted something to his Facebook wall that implied he’s more rough and tumble than he actually is. After his uncle discovered the post, he called him down to the family webcam to get his lashings, as well as a lecture on not making the family seem like they’re from something they’re not.

It doesn’t look like the kid’s hurt (I mean, he’s bigger than the dude delivering the beating), but it does look like he’ll think twice before trying to give the illusion that he’s a gangster again. That said, an angry, shirtless man beating his nephew with a belt over a Facebook wall post IS just about the most gangster thing I’ve ever seen, sooooo….

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  • This has to be done. It is called keeping control of your home. This young man respects his uncle and because of this will grow to love and respect him more.
    If you spare the rod, trust me the child will be spoiled.

  • Well, I like it in theory, but all the “fuck this” and “motherfuckin’ bullshit” … it kind of DOES give me the impression that they are ghetto. Dude, you have a great point, just learn to articulate it better, using your “big boy” vocabulary, rather than talking like the ‘gangsta’ you are trying so hard not to be! Seems somewhat hypocritical :/

  • I’m not cool with domestic violence but I am even less cool with “gangster” and where it leads. There are certain cities in my state where every night is a blood bath. Kids as young as 16 are shooting each other to death, or because they have shitty aim and they are all torked up, they are killing innocent bystanders (like infants in their cribs). If this beating keeps this kid out of gangs, alive, and out of trouble, I guess I’ll reconsider my position on the matter. Sometimes I guess a little incivility is necessary to keep a society civil. If you want to be absolutely riveted go to “This American Life” on NPR and listen to this week’s documentary on “Say Anything” particularly the story of Michael Bernard Loggins who is a developmentally disabled man who tries to battle his fears by listing them. His first list was 183 items long. His second shorter list is read by actor Tom Wright. Michael Bernard Loggins lives in LA and knows a thing or two about battling fear.

  • What can I say; Michael Bernard Loggins humbled me completely – and I don’t humble easily.