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Just Wanted to Make Sure You Guys Have Seen Kanye’s New Music Video

You know, “Monster,” the one with Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, and Bon Iver?  I wouldn’t want you to be the clueless one when all your co-workers are talking about the thematic elements of the video, the effects of Kanye’s hubris, and his sweet diamond teeth tomorrow morning.

The only artist in this big musical orgy I listen to regularly is Bon Iver, and even then it’s just one song, but I can’t stop listening to this damn song.  I caught this video right before I went out on Friday afternoon, and you best believe I was telling all the cheap champagne bottles at the Kroger that “everybody knows I’m a motherfuckin’ monster” under my breath while browsing.

You can go ahead and start the scholarly analysis of the themes in the video in the comments (I’m going to get started on my essay on Kanye’s role as the tragic hero with strong references to both Aristotle and Joseph Campbell), but first I just wanted to point out that Kanye solidly rhymes the word “esophagus.”  If anyone was doubting his skills, I’d go ahead and stop that talk right now.

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  • I’ve never doubted Kanye as a talent, so that’s not my issue here. I don’t wanna be a buzzkill, but all the dead ladies are a bit disturbing. I thought maybe well, at least when we get to Minaj, we’ll even up the score, but then she’s inflicting violence on herself which sure, women do, with disturbing frequency; I just don’t like to see it on a man’s stage, ya know?).

    You’re right about the Aristotle and JC, but shit, this whole killing and virtually defecating on women for the sake of sensationalism is getting O.L.D. As old as myth, yeah, but without the credentials to back it up.

    Love the Jaz-Z, too, and he’s been all over the media talking up his new book and explaining how none of the bitches in “99 Problems” was ever a *human* female, but I feel like participation in this undermines his argument.

    I swear I’m not a humorless feminist; this just rubs me the wrong way, when I’d rather be inspired by music to rub one out. Ha.