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Nick Carter’s ‘Just One Kiss’ Music Video

Former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is trying his hand at a solo career again and the video for his new single, “Just One Kiss”, has hit the nets. The clip is boring (nothing cheaper looking than a seaside video, if you ask me), but the single actually isn’t half bad. As in, I maybe wouldn’t change the station if I heard it come on the radio.

Nick’s always been the cutest BSB in my opinion, but after watching his reality show on E! a few years back, I was convinced thyat we’d never see a real comeback. Now I’m thinking that Nick may be able to stay at the Joey McIntyre level of “not totally successful but not a compete joke” level of fame.

What do you think of the new song? Have you been holding out for a Nick Carter comeback, or is this just as big of a surprise to you as it is to me?

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  • Nick is looking better than he has in YEARS and he has his head and heart in a good place. The same could not be said during Parisgate or the House of Carter showtime. Who knows whether it will last long enough for him to concentrate on making a solo career, or whether he will be happy to do a little of this, a little of that. Either way—I like the video. The song isn’t the most exciting–a better song for the US market leaked earlier–Not The Other Guy and can be found of YouTube..but it shows promise.