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Kelly Osbourne Rants About Her Ex Luke Worrall on Twitter

Kelly Osbourne Twitter Rant

Kelly Osbourne may have a new body and a new BFF, but she’s still up to the same immature coping tactics. Like high school students and emotionally stunted adults, Kelly turned to her Twitter page the day after Christmas to let a can of whoop ass loose on her former fiance. The Tweets (pictured above) claim that Luke is trying to win her back despite cheating on her with “100s of girls as well as men.”

You may remember Kelly going crazy on Luke via her Facebook page last summer when she discovered he was fooling around behind her back. The six years she spent on reality TV should have probably tipped me off to this sooner, but you guys: I think Kelly Osbourne might have a problem with oversharing.

Thing is, we all know someone like this. Everyone’s logged onto Facebook and seen some highly personal information blasted on someone’s status. But unfortunately for Kelly, most of the folks who engage in that sort of behavior are the jokes in our lives:  the loudmouthed second cousin, the girl from high school who was never really all there. As someone who’s doing her best to take the middle Osbourne child seriously, I’m going to have to ask her to refrain from such out of control behavior in the future.

Are you a Facebook oversharer? Have you ever used a social networking site to put an ex on blast? Or even better, have YOU been put on blast?

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