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Anne Hathaway Invites Some Kids to The Oscars, Is The Best Person

As you can see in that darling video, a bunch of kids were just going about their business, having their school’s Christmas concert, when Bruce Cohen, a producer of the Academy Awards, came in to warm them up before Anne Hathaway made her beautiful appearance to let them know that if it was cool with them, they were going to just go on out to L.A. in February to do a little performance at the Oscars.

You guys, this is the perfect example of a Christmas miracle. And you can have a Hanukkah miracle or a Kwanzaa miracle or a late December miracle, it’s all great, but come on now.  You look at those precious kids absolutely flipping their shit and you tell me that that doesn’t warm the cockles of your snarky hearts for this, the holiday season.  Molls and I both teared up, so it’s cool.  Just let it out.