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Nicki Minaj Tells Chelsea Handler to ‘Sit [Her] Ass Down,’ Continues to Be My Hero

Nicki Minaj is a respectful and respectable young woman, but don’t mess with her.

Last night the rapper appeared on Chelsea Lately to plug her new album, “Pink Friday,” and while explaining how she teamed up with Eminem to do “Roman’s Revenge,” Chelsea rudely interrupted Nicki to say, “You’re going all Puerto Rican on my ass all of a sudden.”

Now, I don’t even know what that means. I don’t know if that comment was about Nicki’s accent or the names she was dropping or what. To me, the comment came off as racist because it was baseless and unrelated to anything that was going on. Apparently Nicki thought the remark was off-color as well because she responded by saying, “Chelsea! Sit your ass down!”

Chelsea laughed and the audience laughed, too. But they also did one of those murmur-y “Oooooh, shit!” things that audiences tend to do when someone starts sassing the host/is coming too correct for TV.

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  • You’re kind of an idiot. First of all, she said, “SHUT your ass down,” second, that was obviously just a host and a guest bantering back and forth. You read too much into things.

  • THe Puerto Rican thing is because she was talking way too fast…Puerto Ricans tend to do that and you can’t really understand them

  • ok, the pr comment came b/c nikki started getting an accent that sounded pr. anyway, i don’t know nikki’s music, or watch chelsea’s show, but i think it was funny how she shut chelsea up. you could definitely feel a shift when chelsea started to respect her more. i think the girl has a fine attitude. shrug.

  • y d fuck u saam don’t hush your mothercunt and 2 all the others who hating on she.4 CHRIST SAKE U ALL FUCK OFF AND LEAVE HER ALONE

  • The lady is a comedian who makes fun of everyone, why would she make such a comment like that, I don’t know because for all you idiots out there she makes a living off of this and if you didn’t find it funny than you must be pr. I can see how she thought that because pr do speak that way, you know its a pr ghetto, none the less very guetto!

  • what does chealsea mean when she said youre going puerto rican on my ass on af a sudden i didnt like that shit if she has a prolem with puerto go fuck her self

  • leave nicki minaj alone tell that white cracker to fuck off.if she has prolem white puerto ricans to go a a whiteland country bitch stupid chealese

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