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Dina Lohan Loses It After Michael Lohan Gets Botox

The Child Support Collection Unit in Nassau County is getting some celebrity action now that Dina Lohan has found out that Michael Lohan is spending his money on Botox. According to Dina, Michael hasn’t forked over any money for his two kids Ali and Cody in at least a few months, but she was letting him slide because she assumed he was broke (why wouldn’t you?) Then Michael brought cameras along with him as he got his face shot up with expensive Botox treatments, proving that he does have cash to spare after all.

Michael owes Dina $1,500 a month for their two minor children and another 50% of all of their medical bills and schooling. I’m going to go ahead and guess that while there are no fine lines or wrinkles on his face, that he probably doesn’t have that kind of cash laying around to do the right thing and help out his ex-wife. I guess big sister Lindsay is going to have to get right back to work as soon as she’s out of rehab.

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  • why does,nt dina get a real job and quite worrying about what her ex buys for him self besides she will just blow the money on brest inplantes and partying like that other lohan does????

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