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Jack Black and Jason Segel, With Regards to Bing Crosby and David Bowie

Do you remember when Bing Crosby and my number one favorite human, David Bowie, did this “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth” number?  Or if you weren’t around in 1977, do you remember when you cut your math class to hang out with the cool librarian and print off Buffy fan fiction and listen to music on Myspace, and you came across the song? Wasn’t that such a wonderful experience?

Jack Black and Jason Segel felt the same way, so they went ahead and covered it.  You can buy the song on the iTunes, with proceeds going to a charity that helps out military families during the holidays.  It’s a classic win-win-win situation, and there’s a cartoon to boot.

Pa rum pa pum pum, y’all.

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