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Lance Bass Thinks Justin Timberlake Deserves The World

A photo of Lance Bass

Ok, maybe not the world, but at least an Oscar.

Remember The Social Network?  I don’t, because I didn’t see it (until they make a movie about Neopets or Youporn, I doubt I’ll be interested enough to see a movie about a website), but the rest of the world did, including Lance Bass.  And like many people, Lance had strong feelings about it:

“I think ‘The Social Network’ just made sense for everyone. It was something that everyone had in common. Everyone could relate to it. Even I finally got a Facebook page, and honestly, it changed my life. The movie captured that revolution, and Justin helped capture that revolution.”

When Lance was asked if he thinks Justin deserves an Oscar, he responded with “Of course! Justin did an amazing job in the movie. He was incredible.”  Lance also said that Justin “blew me away.”

I’ve seen Justin on SNL and in Model Behavior and everything, but an Oscar, really?  Maybe I’m just way too attached to “Sexy Back” Justin and “Tearin’ Up My Heart” Justin, but this seems like a little much.  On the other hand, I’ve only seen clips, so maybe some magic happened that I don’t know about.  So you guys tell me – does Justin deserve an Oscar?

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  • He was surprisingly good and convincing, but other actors have done it better this year and deserve it more than Timberlake. However I am sure in the future he will do some more great acting.

  • Emily, I love how in the past week you’ve quoted neopets twice! I’ve been playing for 9 years, and even though I’m 25 and fully employed, I am still addicted to it after all these years!

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