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Mel Gibson is a Really Embarrassing Texter

A photo of Mel Gibson

Oksana Grigorieva held on to all the letters and texts that Mel sent her over the course of their relationship (because of course she did) and now she’s sharing them with the press (because of course she is.) The letters aren’t anywhere near as creepy as the voice mails were, but they definitely were kind of like… gross and awkward to read.

Take a look:

— “This is your capitalist pig landing his jet in Minnesota 4 customs! I have scarcely thought of anything but u since I left London! That is wonderful + sad because you are not near me! I need my little Russian to fill my soul.”

— “If u r up call me my dark eyed beautiful little communist! I miss u + by God, I love you”

— “Smoocherinos all over you!”

— “I love u madly as u can prolly tell by the extent to which fear of losing u can make me irrational.”

— “You conquered the monster in me with your love emanating from your truly beautiful + heart + soul.”

Ugh. Alright. So these are the kind of texts that any dude would send any girl (excluding the mentions of monster-conquering and communism, duh) and they’d be pretty cute if you liked him and totally pathetic and gross if you didn’t. Like, repulsive. Not to mention totally embarrassing. “Smoocherinos”? That’s something you say to someone you love so much that it’s made your brain soft and largely useless.

I’m dead on Mel’s behalf, that’s how embarrassed I am by everything that’s been brought to light about him the past several months. Dead.

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  • Oksana is a gold digger. Why would she record someone she has a child with unless she already planned what she wants to do.

    We should scrutinize her intentions and actions. I feel sorry for Mel for being victimized by such a bottom feeder. I hope Karama catches up with her and she sees her life crumble around her and everything she touches turns to sand.