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Quotables: Charlie Sheen Thinks Everyone Needs to Settle Down

A photo of Charlie Sheen

“If a guy has one bad night, everybody goes insane and panics.”

- Charlie Sheen being all “whatever.”

In case you missed it, that “one bad night” Charlie’s referring to is that night that he wrecked a hotel room after getting wasted with a hooker.  He’s not talking about that night that he celebrated Christmas by pulling a knife on his wife or that night that he had to make an apology when a voicemail leaked in which he called his wife the c-word and the n-word or those nights that he accidentally shot Kelly Preston in the arm, nearly overdosed, or got arrested for beating up his girlfriend.  No, this is about the hotel room and the hooker, and that was just like one time.  Lighten up, everybody!  Charlie’s got this!

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  • why is he not in jail…….
    why do people see black people as this big menecing threat and this ass booger is still walking free?

    • What the hell has black people got to do with it? Stupid fuckin’ moron.

      Charlie’s just blowin’ off a little steam. It’s a real pressure cooker in Hollywood. You wouldn’t understand.

  • You know, I can think of plenty of things I would like to redo in my life. Admittedly nothing “in the league” with what Sheen has done. Why do you think he got to do all those Hanes commercials with Michael Jordon? He cashed in on that notoriety. He just sees this as another chapter to cash in on.

    Is he clueless? I doubt it. He’s doing the Dennis Rodman angle, and dozens of others we could name. Some of the things that you or I have done would be seen as worse than his actions; just because he is an actor. He’s done enough notorious stuff that worked for him, he’s seeing this as more of the roleplaying. He’s not in jail because this is one way actors get their publicity. You don’t have people pressing real charges, and many of them are probably in on it to start with… even if they don’t get a script or expect it to go so far.

    He may get some jail time, do the rehab thing, and maybe even straighten up. I’m not sure how much of this “out-of-control” is real, and how much is to move in a different direction later. I don’t know that the pressure cooker analogy holds any real validity either… only if this isn’t part of a plan…

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