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13Love It or Leave It: Ashlee Simpson’s Pixie Cut

Ashlee Simpson's Short Hair Cut

Ashlee Simpson showed off a new hair cut last night at some denim line’s launch party and personally, I am loving this look on her. It takes serious guts to pull off short hair and Ashlee definitely has the face for it. Perhaps the haircut is a sign that she’s coming into her own again. It seems like she kinda fell off the radar for a little while, what with motherhood and then that embarrassing Melrose Place stint.

I’ve always loved Ashlee because of her personality and spunk and this haircut gives her a chance to highlight those parts of herself. I’m so glad she’s not hiding behind those red curtains of hair anymore.

What do you think about Ashlee’s new cut?

November 3, 2010 at 11:28 am by Molls
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13 Responses to “Love It or Leave It: Ashlee Simpson’s Pixie Cut”

  1. adair says:

    LOVE IT!

  2. Shelley says:

    She looks like the mother on the brady bunch. pass.

  3. Shazza says:

    I think it’s cute.
    NOT Carol Brady at all.

  4. toonsis says:

    LOVE it!

  5. Zosha says:

    her chin is way too large for a pixie cut.

  6. mela says:

    she looks eerily like edie sedgwick with the short hair and the big earrings. LOVE IT.

    • simone says:

      I think she is trying too hard to be like Edie.. it’s pretty obvious. So yeah, she strikes a resemblance, but It just looks like she is trying too hard to be someone else then her. Keep smiling Ashleighee someday maybe you will know who you are.

  7. God says:

    Those heels are stupid.

  8. Mia says:

    Love it, but she seriously needs to eat something!

  9. Chuck says:

    And why do we care AT ALL about no-talent Ashley Simpson? She’s just a step above Kim Kardashian. She is famous for what? Screwing up on SNL when she got caught lip synching (and proven afterwards that SHE CAN’T SING AT ALL). Marrying some third-rate band member?


  10. katie says:

    and your perfect with a spectacular life chuck???

  11. Dee says:

    She’s had that cut for a few weeks now.

  12. true says:

    I think her hair is so pretty on her …..very cool. She has the right vibe and grace and coolness should keep it growing hair is a pain. Read her beau does not like it Well suck it up she looks cool. Really really pretty

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