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Should Mel Gibson Be Able To Donate Millions To His Own Church?

Mel Gibson Donates 9.6 Million to his Own Church

This morning I read that Mel Gibson has “donated” $9.6 million to his Holy Family Church, bringing the church’s net worth to $60 million. Who cares if the bigoted woman-hater wants to throw some money into his weird-ass cult? Well, probably like, the State of California and the government and everyone who benefits from taxes because, dude… Mel’s donation to his own church is tax deductible.

Obviously there’s nothing that can be done because once you start infringing on some people’s rights to make tax-free donations to their places of worship, it becomes like, a whole thing where we’re all throwing down like Northern Ireland on the regular… But still, y’all. Mel’s mad shady. With a congregation of about 100 people. What’s all that money going toward?

It’s not the greatest time for Mel to be making large donations, either. Homebro is getting sued by his former lover and baby mama for not handing over mere 20k in child support and his ex-wife Robin, who was always listed as a member of his church’s board in their yearly filings, was left off this year.

What a shady man.

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  • Molls, you are the best writer on this blog. Your voice, humor, and topics of choice to write about are always right on target. Seriously, your posts are the shit. thanks for making this a great Halloween!

  • Oh yeah, it takes $240,000 a year for Oksana (Mel’s baby momma) to raise a kid? Please. She should have the kid taken away – all she does is get pregnant by celebrities so she doesn’t have to work.