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Caption This: Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper

A photo of Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper

Image via Gawker

This is a picture of the beautiful Anderson Cooper interviewing that zany Lady Gaga in London.  I love how Lady Gaga looks like she’s schooling Anderson Cooper, like Anderson’s all “ok, but listen, you can see your damn underwear, girl, and your glasses and your shoes are just damn stupid.  It’s chilly out here.  There’s something to be said for practicality, girl, that’s all I’m saying,” and Lady Gaga is like “no, YOU listen to ME, Anderson, are you wearing a sweater vest under there?  Lame as fuck.”

On a similar note, I have never heard anyone express anything less than complete reverence for Anderson Cooper’s beauty.  That’s universal, right?  Please don’t break my illusions this time, you guys.

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