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Barbz! The ‘Pink Friday’ Cover is Finally Here!

Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Cover

Ahhhh! Today is such a big day! The cover of Nicki Minaj’s first LP has been released and I’M DYING.

You guys, I didn’t tell you this yet, but I was at the photo shoot for this album. The photographer she worked with, G.L. Wood, is a friend of a friend and I was able to get on set for the day, acting as G.L.’s life coach. I’ve been repping Nicki since 2008 and I completely idolize her, so it was obviously the best day of my life.

Nicki and G.L. make the perfect team. She wound up hiring him to shoot her album cover after they worked together on her Out Magazine profile.

The funny thing about the photo they wound up choosing is that everyone on set was sure that one of the other looks she wore would be the cover look. It was like a Gaga-meets-robot-meets-Statue of Liberty number. I’m thrilled they picked the photo they did because, yo:

I stole a piece of the dress off the floor when she went back into the dressing room to change.

I don’t think anyone would have minded. There was so much fabric everywhere that it’s not like I kept the part that’s meant to cover the person wearing it’s crotch or something.

But like, you guys… This is history right here.

Are you all equally blown away by the epicness of this cover?

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  • You crack me up Molls…. ‘don’t think anyone would have minded’ lol Did you see her up close ? Get to meet her ?

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  • The cover is genius! Love the tulle, love the bodice, love the legs, love the facial expression. Get it girl.

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  • Nikki Minaj is the worst excuse for a female ‘hip-hop artist out right now. What the game needs is talent like Missy or better yet Foxy Brown. Women with style and lyricism like what they’re capable would chew up Nikki and spit her out straight into the
    Gutter of rap where she belongs! I don’t even think she should be considered a hip-hop artist, she’s more of a popartist. People who are out there who wanna call me a hater, go ahead. I laugh at that cus I don’t hate her as a person, But i REALLY DISLIKE as a musical artist that the she and the Minaj lovers clAim she is…